The Tuscany full dome brick pizza oven

Comes in the following configurations:
Old World brick exterior with two black doors with a glass observation window.

Our wood-fired ovens are handcrafted by artisans in the old world style. In order to preserve your oven for many years of family fun, we recommend the following initial steps:

  • Prep & cure the oven with a small fire to dry out any moisture
  • Repeat this process for 5 consecutive days before cooking your first meal
  • The oven is ready when the black on the walls (charcoal) is burned off and the interior becomes white

If you see any cracking – no worries!! Any imperfections you may see are totally natural and not a cause for concern. Cracking will occur inside and out. They are only slight, as the oven expands with heat and contracts with cooling. Rest assured, completing the proper prepping instructions, cracks will be minimal & small in size. Patch kits are available to repair cosmetic cracks on exterior if desired.


Base 43″ x 43″
Outside height 35″
Double Door Height/Width 11¼” H. x 15½” W.
Inside Dimensions 28″ D. x 29¼” W. x 19″ H.

Optional Accessories:

  • 39” Chimney with Damper
  • Additional Chimney Caps
  • Pizza Cover
full stack

Standard Accessories:

  • 5” Chimney with Damper
  • Celsius Thermometer 0-500 degrees
  • Patch Repair Kit – To repair small expansion and contraction cracks that appear with use.